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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 02:21

Cost of building on lake livingston


Boathouse building cost on lake livingston

1 .Get an estimate , Do the math , your square footage x our price starting at $25.00 a square foot .

The max size of a new boathouse on Lake Livingston is 1500 Square foot

The average boathouse is less than 1000 square feet plus pier x $25.00 =   $25,000.00

If you just need a boat lift installed, we charge $500.00

Parts for your boat lift.

Hoist : $550.00 and up

Hardware: $625.00

Cradle : $500.00 and up

Straps: Around $300.00

We will also service your boatlift

Fishing piers start at $16.00 a square foot

Bulk head repair / installation

bulkhead repair starts at $75.00 a linear foot  ,,new installation  $80.00 to $100.00 a foot

Metal Bulkhead Starts at $150.00 a linear foot

Backfill is $150.00 per 14 yards of dirt

Escavation work starts at $350.00

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